Dramalang® Privacy Policy 2019

This policy details how Dramalang® will collect, process, store and share the Personal data of all registered students for their courses and customers of their resources.

What data does Dramalang® collect?

We collect the following data on the registration form:

  • Name and date of birth

  • Medical conditions

  • Up to two contact telephone numbers

  • Email address

  • Consent to photography/ videography

  • Consent to first aid treatment

  • Consent to be contacted

  • What is the data used for?

The data is used to enable Dramalang® for a number of reasons:

  • Contacting next of kin in the event of an emergency

  • Contacting participants in the event of a class change

  • Contacting participants for invoicing and course information

  • Informing participants about relevant events

  • Medical information is needed for the safety of the participant in the event of an emergency

  • Sharing the participant’s name and contact details with our official course partners for use only for the course the participant is booked on

How long will Dramalang® keep the data?

Dramalang® will retain the data for as long as the participant attends the course. Once a participant has finished the course, data will be deleted, unless the participant signs up to our Dramalang® network. A secure, cloud based list, which is not shared with third parties.

Who does Dramalang® share data with?

It is essential that we share our participants’ details with course partners so that they are able to keep participants informed with course information. If you do not give permission for this please contact Dramalang® directly. Without this permission your child cannot enter for any exams at Dramalang®.

Dramalang® does not share your data with any outside organisations unless permission is granted in specific circumstances.

How is the data stored?

The data is stored electronically on our secure, password protected member software. It is also stored on our secure cloud-based form software.

Photographs and videos are stored using a password protected cloud service and our official password protected computers.

Your Rights

You may withdraw or update consent at any time, and should do so by contacting Dramalang® Admin (info@dramalang.com)

You may update information given on your registration form at any time, and should do so by contacting Dramalang® Admin (info@dramalang.com)

You may view your data on request


If you have any complaints about the way in which Dramalang® uses your personal data, please contact Dramalang® Admin (info@dramalang.com). If we cannot resolve the issue then you have a right to complain to the Information Commissioner Office (ICO) via their website www.ico.org.uk

Contact us

If you have any queries regarding the Dramalang® Data Protection Policy or Privacy Policy please contact Dramalang® admin using the following email address: info@dramalang.com