Dramalang® Data Protection Policy 2019

Introduction and legal context

Dramalang® collects, processes, shares and stores data about its course participants and online customers in order to operate as a business and to comply with GDPR 2018.

Dramalang® data protection procedures comply with the following guidelines set out in Data Protection Act 1998 and GDPR 2018, that data shall:

1. Be processed fairly and lawfully where it is clear to the data subjects what Dramalang® is doing with their data.

2. Be obtained only for one or more specified and lawful purpose and shall not be processed in any further manner incompatible with that purpose or those purposes.

3. Be adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the purpose or purposes for which it is processed.

4. Be accurate and kept up to date

5. Not be kept for longer than is necessary

6. Be processed in accordance with the data subjects’ rights.

7. Be stored securely and with security as a top priority, in order to minimise risk of unlawful processing of data or accidental loss of data

8. All employees of Dramalang® will follow the above principles at all times.

Aims and objectives

1. Protecting the rights of individuals by ensuring personal information is used appropriately and lawfully.

2. Ensuring that all collection, processing, storing and sharing of personal information by Dramalang® complies with the above legislative principles.

3. Maintaining the confidence of data subjects.


1. The Dramalang® management is responsible for creating, and maintaining data protection policies and procedures and adhering to them at all times

2. Employees of Dramalang® are responsible for understanding this policy and adhering to it all times.

3. Dramalang® is responsible for maintaining accurate and up to date information

4. Data subjects (parents of students) have a responsibility to update their data when required and to provide accurate details.

Publication, implementation and review

1. This policy is available on the Dramalang® website, hard copies may be requested by data subjects.

2. All employees will be provided with a copy of the policy to ensure it is implemented effectively.

3. The policy will be reviewed on a yearly basis and updated in accordance with legislation.

Additional information

If you have any queries regarding this policy please contact Dramalang® at the following email address: info@dramalang.com

Please click here to view our Privacy Policy which explains in clear terms how Dramalang® will use your data.