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Christian Bullen is an international drama educator and theatre practitioner.

He is principal of a successful drama academy in the UK and also teaches at the world-famous Arts Educational Schools, London.

Christian creates and directs professional theatre in London and travels across Asia, offering masterclasses and trainings in drama & performance.

Christian founded his own drama and performance academy in Wales in 2009 called Superstars in the Making®. The academy has displayed solid growth and success for the past 10 years, with thousands of students attending and enjoying success in a variety of exciting careers.

Prior to founding Superstars in the Making®, Christian founded a community drama project called Act4Fun in 2004 where he gained valuable “hands-on” experience as a drama facilitator and teacher. Christian refined his method and built his following, attracting children from far and wide to attend his classes.

Since 2013, Christian has introduced drama and performance education to the Chinese market and has taught thousands of children and adults in a variety of contexts across the country. Christian has taught drama in Beijing, Zhengzhou, Nanjing, Guangzhou, as well as a variety of smaller cities, and has taught at Henan Normal University, Zhengzhou University and at Guangzhou Teachers College of Foreign Language and Arts. In 2018, Christian was appointed to train 50 teachers from Guangzhou province to introduce drama into their school curricula.

Christian is a graduate of the University of South Wales and received a 1st class BA (Hons) degree in drama. He has also trained as a dance teacher at Dance Academy South West and Urdang Academy, London.

Christian is ready to share his passion and experience for drama and performance with the world.

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Joseph Mees is a language teacher and teacher trainer based in London and born in Wales.

Joseph teaches languages at an OFSTED rated outstanding school in London, having trained at University College London. 

Joseph has taught drama and language to children and adults in the UK and China for many years and has developed the language through drama component of our courses. 

Joseph is a guest lecturer at University College London on the Post Graduate Certificate of Education. 

Joseph holds a First Class BA (Hons) French and Spanish from Cardiff University and a PGCE in Languages from University College London.